Seeking tradesfolks for trades:Clear Air Mountain House in Sierra City, CA

We're seeking tradespeople who would be interested in exchanging labor for lodging at the beautiful Clear Air Mountain House in Sierra City, near the Sierra Buttes. We're especially seeking a plumber/swim-spa expert, carpenters, furniture-makers, solar specialists, soundproofing-specialists, or grey water system experts, and we might be open to other trades as well if it's a good match.

Clear Air Mountain House is a pretty awesome place to visit, if we do say so ourselves: about as far from the Bay area as Tahoe, but way less crowded; luxury accommodations while you're working; world-class mountain biking, hiking (up to 8500 feet), alpine swimming and fishing, and local natural hotsprings when you're relaxing!

If you're interested in trading a little work for a discounted stay, or a lot of work from a free stay, please write to us at

Irina, Shar, and Gloria