We look forward to seeing you at the Clear Air Mountain House in Sierra City, CA

When? Soon! We invite you to read more about the house, and/or check out our rates, or our brand-new VRBO listing. You can see photos in our public Facebook album.

To rent the Clear Air Mountain House for a vacation, family reunion, quilting workshop, retreat for your startup, etc. etc., book on VRBO or drop Shar a note at bookings@clearair-mountainhouse.com. Or, to collaborate with us through sponsorship, artist-in-residence programs, etc., please contact collaborate@clearair-mountainhouse.com.

We're interested in trades with skilled tradespeople, and excited to announce these collaborations:

Please note: Clear Air Mountain House is a smoke-, fragrance-, and furry-pet-free space, to increase accessibility for those with fur and dander allergies and/or chemical sensitivities.

Shar, Irina and Gloria